Sales Operations Leaders

Plan, implement and report on your Sales Performance Management program.

As the Sales Manager/Leader, you are focused on sales planning, reporting, territory definitions and coverage, quota setting and management.

In addition, you likely take the lead on sales process optimization, sales program implementation, sales compensation design and administration, sales hiring/recruiting and on-boarding.

It’s both a challenging and critical role to the organization, and ensuring the Sales Team achieves success by meeting sales quotas in the short-term and long-term while abiding to any crediting rules in place has direct impact on growth.

With Varicent, the Sales Operations leader can: 

  • Equitably assign Sales Team quotas and ensuring the organization's financial objectives are optimally allocated to all sales channels and resources through the quota program.
  • Provides leadership to the Sales organization and counsel to the Senior Vice President, Sales in implementing Sales organization objectives that appropriately reflect the organizations strategy and business objectives.
  • Communicate job expectations, planning, and monitoring, and reviews Sales Rep contributions.
  • Plans and reviews compensation actions, enforcing policies and procedures around crediting eligibility and compensation programs.


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