Brian Hartlen

Chief Marketing Officer


Brian Hartlen is an accomplished B2B software marketing leader. He has over 40 years of experience ranging from starting a marketing department from the ground up through to running marketing for a billion-dollar organization.

As Varicent’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brian manages and oversees all marketing activities throughout the organization, ultimately driving revenue. He is responsible for increasing brand awareness, driving demand generation, improving sales enablement, and expanding marketing initiatives.

Prior to this role, Brian held leadership positions for many software companies, and participated in some of Canada’s great tech success stories including Verafin, and GEAC. He also led Varicent’s marketing team prior to its former acquisition.

Brian is the co-author of The Strategy Gap – Leveraging Technology to Implement and Execute Strategy, a frequent top-rated industry speaker, and the author of several articles on technology and marketing. Brian also consults with B2B SaaS companies helping them with marketing, operational planning, and getting products widely adopted. He has worked with multiple organizations located in Canada, the US, and the UK.