Managing Sales Territory Assignments

"I need to ensure that if a Sales Rep leaves the organization, their assigned sales territory is quickly covered and there is no territory coverage gap or unassigned quota."

Your sales team is the ‘lifeblood’ of the organization.  It’s important that each Sales Rep is performing as top producers in each of your defined sales territories and that they are attaining their quota targets in alignment with your revenue plan. 

If a sales territory is underserved or there is a territory gap, this results in unassigned quota and may result in a missed market opportunity and potential. The longer this territory coverage gap and unassigned quota exists, the likelihood of meeting the quota targets and revenue plan diminishes.

Sales territories assignments and quota targets must be optimized at all times.

Using Varicent, you have the ability to ensure that you are optimizing your sales territories and maintaining an across-the-board territory coverage model at all times.

  • Manage sales territory assignments and quota targets by sales rep, by account, by product, by geographic location or any other attribute to ensure there is minimum sales territory coverage gaps and unassigned sales quotas.
  • Create territory crediting rules to ensure the correct salespeople are being crediting for the right sales deals, in the assigned sales territory, for the right sales activity.
  • Easily identify and realign and sales territory coverage gaps and unassigned quote to ensure that your sales organization is not missing any opportunity and potential in the market.


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