Establishing Workflows for Collaboration

"I need to establish workflows so I can collaborate with team members, review and approve business processes."

No one works in isolation anymore.  Today’s business environment encourages collaboration and agility to change. Decisions are made by many and follow a well-defined workflow.

Perhaps you are rolling out your new sales incentive compensation plans agreements for the year.  A workflow and routing business process will need to be followed involving the Compensation Administrator, the Sales Manager and the Salesperson to obtain final agreement. 

Consider the quota target allocation business process that typically happens at the beginning of each year or when a salesperson request quota relief.  A workflow and routing business process is necessary to manage the top-down, bottom-up sales quota distribution.

Workflow and routing business processes is critical to facilitate collaboration across the organization.

Using Varicent, you have the ability to define, configure and deploy workflow and routing for all sales performance business process.

  • Define and configure simple or complex workflow and routing processes for all your related sales performance and incentive compensation requirements.
  • Distribute your sales incentive compensation payout calculations to follow a workflow and routing process that includes the compensation, sales, and finance leaders to review and approve.
  • Allow a salesperson to complete a form requesting quota relief and have this quota relief form follow a specific workflow and routing process for approval.
  • Rollout your compensation plan agreements or changes to the compensation plan agreement to follow a multi-level workflow and routing process to ensure that the compensation plan is properly communicated.


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