The Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing a Sales Performance Management Program

Sales transformation is big. Really big. And it’s important. Really important.  

Gartner Research estimates in the Gartner Research 2020 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation report 28 July, that in 2019 the market grew by $7.8 Billion.  

With so many vendors in the space, promises made, and projects started, isn’t it in your best interest to consider the right strategies when considering a Sales Performance Management program? And wouldn’t it be reassuring to ask an experienced professional with more than 20 years of hands-on experience about the pitfalls to avoid?   

You’re guaranteed to find two things on these pages:  

  • An honest assessment of the SPM lifecycle  
  • A map that indicates the major pitfalls to avoid. This map’s execution has already guided those that have walked its path to success.  

So, what are you waiting for? Download your free copy of this eBook today!