What is Symon.AI for Sales Performance Management?

Symon.AI is a state-of-the art tool designed to turn your data into evidence. It's the key to unlock untapped potential in your go-to-market strategy.

In today’s complex world of Big Data, companies have too much data yet lack understanding of how to impactfully utilize that vast amount of information.

Symon.AI allows users to find meaningful patterns in complex and sophisticated sales systems. Data from systems applied to the context of each individual business’ needs improves the ability to make decisions and understand answers to need-to-know questions, including:


  • What will have the highest impact on our business?
  • Where are our outliers?
  • Which players and opportunities are at the highest risk?
  • How can we give ourselves the best chance for success?
  • Can we catch the smallest mistakes before they become big issues?


Why does your business need Symon.AI?

Symon.AI empowers teams to:


  • Connect, cleanse and join data to automate data tasks without the need for code
  • Provides applications that deliver quick, understandable answers to everyday sales performance questions
  • Forecast results, find outliers and predict outcomes through the use of data science


What does Symon.AI include?

Symon.AI includes a set of business applications and a workbench for advanced analytics.


Standard applications include:


  • Seller performance data
  • Seller churn
  • Gender pay gap
  • Customer attrition


More and more applications are also added regularly to ensure up-to-the-minute data transparency and powerful sales performance management (SPM) capabilities.


All the tools you need, right where you need them

The Symon.AI Workbench is your key to custom analysis of your sales performance data through a “data pipe builder”. This allows for the creation of custom analysis, designed to demonstrate a deep capability for customized applications.

The Symon.AI workbench contains a natural, easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. These capabilities provide “explainable AI” to help prove results and build trust within your business for better decision making.

The mission of Symon.AI is simple: to turn data into evidence in the pursuit of unlocking the untapped potential of your go-to-market. Not just the 'art of the possible'—it directly helps solve well-defined problems via a simple, four-step process:


  1. Identify important sales performance management problems
  2. Create a data strategy
  3. Run analysis and build a consumable story
  4. Recommend targeted actions


Symon.AI is guaranteed to help solve your business’s challenges and swap unexpected outcomes for better performance by:


  • Challenging biases
  • Leaving misleading anecdotes and correlations behind
  • Evolving sales effectiveness from simple statistics to pattern detection
  • Beginning the ongoing journey to better answers


If you’re interested in saving time when it comes to data flow and the automation of processes, creating more accurate forecasting and planning, providing trust within your business, and are looking to improve your go-to-market strategy, it's time to contact Varicent to discover how we can help develop solutions to your most difficult SPM challenges.

Symon.AI provides a uniquely easy and natural perspective on the data that drives business results. And for now, it’s available exclusively to current Varicent users.

Webinar SymonAI June 3 2020