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Organizations facing limitations with Xactly graduate to Varicent

We’ve identified several limitations businesses face using Xactly and compared them with Varicent’s capabilities so you can properly evaluate your options.



Both products come with pre-built data models and reports but Varicent is easily extensible. Xactly’s rigidity forces companies to change their incentive approach, engage Xactly for custom work, or simply walk away. Think about the flexibility you need for future plans and analytics, and don’t accept custom code as the solution to system limitations.



Scaling an Incentives solution is never just about the number of payees, the transactions or the number of credits; it’s about all three. With Xactly, not only do problems arise when these volumes increase, they can also manifest even earlier, when there is more than a light volume of prior period processing added to the mix.



Workflow can be much more than Plan Documents. Varicent comes with an embedded graphical workflow manager that allows you to create whatever routing rules you need to support the appropriate level of governance within your Incentives solution.


Ownership and Adoption

Business growth and evolution creates changes to underlying data structures. Varicent’s flexible and visible data model promotes early ownership and self-sufficiency so you feel empowered and confident to manage and maintain your plans, rather than rely on us or third-party support to make updates to your models.


Limited Industry Fit…Not for Everyone

After 15 years, you’ll see very few Xactly Insurance logos. They simply lack the product market fit in Insurance, whereas Varicent services Insurers of all sizes. In fact, after 15 years, there are very few large enterprise deployments using Xactly.


Augmented Intelligence (AI)

Varicent’s Symon.AI is a game changing, next generation AI technology built for business users that is tightly integrated and included with Varicent. It comes with:

  • Pre-built solutions for Seller Performance and Seller Churn.
  • Pre-built Blueprints for Seller Ramp and Transaction Outliers

What Our Customers Are Saying


“We selected Varicent because it offered much greater flexibility than the competing solutions we examined.”

Erwin Merkel
Director of IT
Siemens Healthineers

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united rentals-1

“We now have a compensation platform that will scale with our salesforce as the business grows.”

Elizabeth Evans
Sales Compensation Manager
United Rentals

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“Varicent frees us up to think about innovative ways to motivate our salesforce to the next level of performance.”

Thierry Casier
Sales Compensation Director
Colt Technology Services

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Can smaller organizations skip Xactly and start with Varicent?

Absolutely! While it’s easy to get caught up in our recognizable customer logos, Varicent started as a mid-market solution and most of our customers are under $1B in revenue. Our platform and team are designed to drive your growth. Varicent is trusted by many of the largest market cap companies in the world – and in many cases – we partnered when they had less than 200 sellers.

Our Expert edition can get you up and running quickly, and you’ll automatically be entered into our customer-exclusive program, Varicent Advantage, where you can gain one-on-one access to our experts free of charge, and will have dozens of bite-sized ‘How To” videos at your fingertips to help you get started.

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What else should I know about Varicent?

Varicent, founded in 2005, was recognized as the fastest growing software company in North America by Deloitte’s Fast 50TM program.

In 2011, IBM began discussions to acquire Varicent with the deal closing in 2012.

For eight years, IBM matured the offering and brought Varicent into its largest accounts.

IBM gave former senior IBM executive and Varicent founder, Marc Altshuller, the opportunity to take Varicent private again in 2019 (deal closed end of business December 31, 2019).

Since re-launching as Varicent, investment into the business has more than doubled, and demand for Varicent has exploded – with over 150,000 new payees YTD and Customer Net Promoter Scores more than doubling.

Don’t Take Our Word For It


Ventana Research awarded Varicent: Symon.AI its 2020 Digital Innovation Award for Sales, recognizing Varicent as the technology vendor that best exemplifies innovation in the application or technologies that support the sales organization.

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Varicent named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant
7 times in a row!


Why publish this web page?

Varicent and Xactly, founded around the same time, have historically competed respectfully with each other. However, that changed when Xactly published a web page entitled ‘Leading companies are switching from Varicent to Xactly.’ Have companies switched from Varicent to Xactly? Yes. Have companies switched from Xactly to Varicent? Also yes, for the reasons above.

What are some of the reasons a company would switch from Varicent to Xactly, if the claims above are accurate?

  1. M&A activity where they chose to standardize on one solution.
  2. Changeover in Administration teams where the new team has Xactly backgrounds.

How could a company switch from Varicent to Xactly, if the claims above are accurate?

  1. By pre-processing their crediting logic outside of the tool.
  2. By simplifying their incentives plans and operations.
  3. By simplifying or eliminating processes, for example, workflow processes removed or done offline, restrict volume and fluidity of prior period adjustments.

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