Human Resources

Gain insight into sales performance to identify hiring needs and mentoring or coaching opportunities with the Sales organization.

As a Human Resources professional, you need to pay close attention to the performance of the salespeople.  Who are the top performers?  Who need some mentoring and coaching?  Who are simply not working out?

Working with Sales and Finance leadership, sales capacity is critical. If there are too many salespeople in a specific sales territory, this will lead to morale and dissatisfaction issues among the Sales Team.  If there are too few salespeople in a specific sales territory, your organization could potentially be missing opportunities as the territory is underserved.

Often, sales incentive compensation is part of the HR mandate. In this scenario, HR professionals play an integral part of the incentive compensation process of calculating and paying accurate and timely incentive compensation.

With Varicent, the Human Resources team can: 

  • View dashboards and reports highlighting the performance of the Sales Team and individual salespeople.
  • Access sales territory and quota reports allowing HR professionals and Sales leaders to identify any territory gaps and unassigned quota while determining if there is a sales capacity issue, hiring need, or if there is a mentoring and coaching opportunity for a sales team or individual salesperson.
  • Compensation Administrators sometimes report into HR but their role and responsibilities remain the same as described under ‘Compensation Administrators.’ 


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