Handling Transaction Inquiries

"I need to quickly respond to any inquiries that the Sales Team has about their incentive compensation payout each period."

Let’s face it, when a salesperson receives their sales incentive compensation payment, they often have questions. 

  • Was I paid accurately?
  • Why did I not receive credit for a specific deal?
  • Why am I only receiving partial credit on a specific deal?
  • How was payment calculated for this customer transaction?

A significant amount of time is spent handling inquiries from the Sales Team. Many of these inquiries can easily be resolved by reminding the salesperson about their incentive compensation plan agreement and crediting rules while others can be handled with a simple explanation.

Handling inquiries from the sales team takes time away from compensation leaders and sales managers whose time is better spent on more strategic and valuable activities.

Using Varicent, you have the ability deploy Augmented Intelligence, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to handle most of the burden of handling inquiries from your salespeople.

  • Train Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to recognize and guide salespeople to answers when they submit an inquiry.
  • Guide salespeople who have inquiries about the compensation structure to their plan agreements. Investigate the model to determine if the incentive compensation is inaccurate for a specific sales transaction, or inform a salesperson when they have not yet reached an acceleration threshold.
  • As AI continues to learn, its capabilities and knowledge about sales inquiries improves over time and can address the majority of sales inquiries, giving the compensation and sales leaders time back to dedicate their activities that bring more business value to the organization.


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