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The Guide to Resetting Your Comp Plans Mid-Year

It's halfway through the year, are you resetting your comp plans? Meet unexpected market fluctuations and dynamic shifts within the organization by adjusting your sales comp strategy.

The Guide to Resetting Your Comp Plans Mid-Year

Across industries, the pandemic has changed sales dramatically. It’s nearly impossible to predict what the rest of the year will look like for the sales landscape, but one thing is certain; you need to adapt your sales strategy to meet the needs of your organization and teams. And that includes refreshing your comp plans. Whether it's a drastic change in the market, product updates, new leadership, etc, you'll want to reset your comp plans mid-year to keep up. 

Download this thorough guide to help you adjust your sales compensation strategy and reset your comp plans mid-year so you can:

  • Motivate your sales teams
  • Increase their earnings
  • Drive company growth
  • Learn how to boost performance by up to 30% using 6 simple tactics
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