Creating Meaningful Sales and Revenue Forecasts

"By 2022, more than one-half of all organizations will still rely on spreadsheets to create sales forecasts resulting in a lack of confidence by the rest of the company."

- Stephen Hurrell, VP & Research Director, Ventana Research

Business models are changing. The definition of revenue is expanding beyond sales. In this new era, tried-and-tested approaches to forecasting sales and revenue no longer work.

We sat down with Stephen Hurrell, VP and Research Director at Ventana Research's Office of Revenue, to discuss the shifts in sales and revenue forecasting. He helps us understand:

  • Why you need to track revenue across all channels
  • Why spreadsheets will limit your ability to do
  • How to get started with an intelligence-driven forecasting approach

Read the transcript of our Q&A conversation to learn why you might be leaving money on the table with traditional forecasting practices, and some concrete steps you can take to have an immediate impact on your revenue.

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