Sales Performance Management

With a single application that manages sales compensation programs, data and processes, organizations are able to significantly reduce administration costs and drive profitable sales across the entire product portfolio.

By automating compensation calculations, Varicent distributes detailed commission statements to sales professionals in a timelier manner and with greater accuracy.

As a result, field representatives can conduct more customer-facing activities instead of spending time tracking their own sales and pay, while more accurate calculations reduce overpayment of commissions to help control corporate costs.

Sales leaders and executives have even better visibility across the sales organization with the alignment of field reps along with their products, quotas and territory assignments, enabling them to effectively drive performance.

Business benefits:

  • Drive sales behavior to boost cross-sell and profit
  • Reduce administration costs and errors
  • Align revenue targets to sales resources


  • Automate commission calculations
  • Top-down and bottom-up quota planning
  • Sales analytics and performance reporting
  • Compensation plan modeling and forecasting
  • Manage and track territory assignments
  • Electronic plan approvals, inquiries and sign-offs
  • View robust audit log
  • Available on-premise and Cloud

Varicent for Data Sheet

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Incentive Compensation Management

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Quota Management

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