Incentive Compensation Management

Detailed description covering Varicent's features, including Incentive Compensation, Territory and Quota Management.

Varicent solutions help simplify incentive compensation management for organizations by increased accuracy, reduced costs and higher sales performance. Compensation administration costs are significantly reduced with the automation of commission calculations. Eliminating slow, costly and manual administrative processes help minimize calculation errors that lead to commission overpayments and payment disputes.

With Varicent, sales professionals have extensive visibility into their pay, which can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on reconciling commissions. Sales representatives also receive embedded analytics that help them gain insight into their own performance. Compensation administrators can implement new plans more efficiently to respond to new business imperatives. Analysts are able to model and better understand the financial impact of incentive programs prior to rollout for more accurate cost management and forecasting.

With a detailed view of the entire compensation plan portfolio along with tracking capabilities, organizations are able to have more control over sales compensation administration, as well as meet audit requirements.

Business benefits:

  • Reduce commission overpayment
  • Reduce cost of managing commissions
  • Align sales teams with corporate objectives 


  • Extensive automation from data collection to commission statements
  • Graphical compensation plan design
  • Prebuilt plan components and process lists
  • Diverse view of commissions, MBOs, and rewards
  • Plan modelling and forecasting 
  • Personalized compensation plan documents
  • Streamline plan management and rollout
  • Expansive audit log



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